Monday, 18 July 2005
Today I've uploaded version 1 of Twee Voor Twaalf. Take a look at The Project Files Page.
I've also uploaded the Doxygen documentation, which you can view here.
The Doxygen documentation contains documentation of the classes, attributes, namespaces and a graphical representation of the inheritance diagram.
Be sure to check out the screenshots section as well!
That's it for now. Our project has ended but maybe there will be future versions (translations/bugfixes) of this project.
If you spot a bug, don't hesitate to send an e-mail to tverbroekken at gmail dot com.


Welcome to the project page of "Twee voor Twaalf".
This project is developed by IVT1, a projectgroup of Avans Hogeschool 'sHertogenbosch.

This project is based on the original TV Quiz "2 voor 12" of the Vara.
Home page is located at this address.
This show is hosted by Astrid Joosten, a picture has been placed ;).

All information on the progress of our project is located at the Project Page.
Files concerning the project can be found on The Project Files Page.
Although still highly in development, you could always check out the latest version of the Code on The Project CVS Page.

That's all for now, more to follow shortly.

The Quiz might look much like the screenshot taken from the online version displayed below.