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Public Member Functions

 HighscoreXMLWriter (String bestandsNaam)
boolean laadBestand (String bestandsNaam)
void nieuweHighscoreSet () throws SAXException
void startElement (String namespaceURI, String sName, String qName, Attributes attrs) throws SAXException
void endElement (String namespaceURI, String sName, String qName) throws SAXException
void characters (char buf[], int offset, int len) throws SAXException
void startDocument () throws SAXException
void endDocument () throws SAXException
void emit (String s) throws SAXException
void nl () throws SAXException
void voegHighscoreToe (int score, String naamTeam, int tijd) throws SAXException
void schrijfHighscores ()
void reload ()
String[] getHighScores ()

Protected Attributes

String bestandsNaam
FileOutputStream out
Writer wOut
PrintStream p
SAXParserFactory factory
DefaultHandler handler
SAXParser saxParser
String tekstTag
String eindTag

Private Attributes

String[] highScoresStrings
ArrayList highScores
boolean highscoreGevonden = false
boolean highScoreTeamGevonden = false
boolean highScoreTijdGevonden = false
boolean teamGevonden = false
boolean scoreTeamGevonden = false
boolean tijdTeamGevonden = false
boolean rondeTeamGevonden = false
boolean spelerGevonden = false
String teamNaam
String highScoreTeam
int spelerTeller = 0
int teamTeller = 0
int scoreTeam = 0
int tijdTeam = 0
int rondeTeam = 0
Integer highScoreTijd
Integer highScoreScore
File file

Detailed Description

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